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Friday, October 1, 2010

trying to keep up . . .

Character Day - - - should have been the Mad Hatter because it was so crazy yesterday morning (and this morning for that matter) that I had to resort to taking a picture when Superman/Teen got home. The girl went as a Renaissance Lady - but her outfit was off by the time she had to catch the bus.

then it was off to marathon Black Belt class, followed by the resurrected Homecoming Parade. Since consolidating schools back in the early '90s, there has not been a Homecoming Parade - well that changed last evening, unfortunately it was held in the next, down the road we go....

I could bore you with 'back-n-the-day' stories about how we made paper mache flowers and decked our homecoming floats, yada...yada...yada - but I'll spare you because there are several pictures to come.

let me start by saying, we are the Knights.

and they are the wolves.

...just in case you miss that little detail!

There were class department floats. That would be my daughter's AP Chem teacher as the 'mad scientist'. I gather that this is a fitting depiction. (and probably why she LOVES Chemistry - there's a little bit of "mad scientist" in her too!)

and there were representatives of the Homecoming Court ...

and a new twist - Homecoming King candidates

(notice how they just chucked the boys on the back of a truck and hauled them down the road --- no convertible, no waving. Just boys taking out the innocent public with precision aimed candy.

and there were the class floats.

I hate that we were on the 'wrong' side of the street because I am sure that these were really cute from the 'front' side.

Any way - that was Thursday evening. Tonight's the game, tomorrow the dance. There will be pictures ! ! !

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