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Thursday, January 17, 2013

gray days ...

That pretty much sums up the outer*spher and the mood. 
 The kids used to refer to pictures from my childhood (or more specifically - those of my parents) as the 'gray days' because the pictures were largely in black/white. I feel like we are currently stuck in the 'gray days'.  The river is swollen, the golf course has absorbed all the liquid it can muster and streams are appearing every where. 

wet, gray, wet! 
blah blah blah! 

 * * *
just out of curiosity, which spelling do you tend to use: 'gray' or 'grey'?  
I find myself flipping between the two and even on occasion looking it up to make sure I have not made some grave grammatical faux pas.


  1. You are experiencing our usual winter weather. We've had about a week of below-freezing nights and "only" in the low 30s during the day. So nice to have some crispness in the air and a break from all the rain and grey/gray skies (I flip, too). At least the cold means clear skies. Hope your weather pattern changes, but for now you don't have to shovel!!

  2. Yes, that does look a bit soggy! :)

  3. I imagine those geese are having fun though!

    I use gray and grey interchangeably. Not sure which is really correct. :)

  4. We've been gray and grey here, lately. But, not enough water falling from the sky. We really need some.

    Wouldn't it be nice, if we just got what we need, when and where we need it? We can dream, I guess.

  5. We had that several weeks ago. Grey rain blah blah blech weather. Now we have cold cold cold.. no snow though I keep hoping. It seems Gray/Grey are both used in English speaking countries. However grey is used more in the UK than in the USA and gray is used more in the USA than UK. Since I am in the UK when I spell gray it says it is spelled incorrectly so I tend to stick with grey. :-)

  6. Mostly grey here...the spelling and the weather...a little blah for outdoor photography.

  7. I always spell it gray.. Unless I am writing the 50 shades of Grey... HA!!!!! Got you!!! LOL

  8. I flip, too. We could use some of that moisture in CO! Love the school bus pic!

  9. I use both spellings, but I am spelling challenged, for sure, so don't go by anything I do. Love the flash of color from the bus!