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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

just something ...

this star is hand-blown strands of glass and was originally a tree topper I had before I got married. Either the first or second year of marriage it broke at the base leaving shards of glass.  Any normal person would have pitched the whole thing, but not me.  I managed to break down the tiny pieces,  stuck it in tissue wrapping, and placed it in a box among the Christmas decorations. 20 years later (give or take a year) it occurred to me to either pull it out and prop it up as a table decoration, or throw it away. I didn't have the heart to throw it away 20 years ago (give or take a year) and I couldn't do that now.   I also decided to not pack it up with the holiday decorations but instead to leave it out.  After all, I do have a few years (give or take) of displaying to make up to this ornament.

 as a side note - I finished up my 2012 photo book and can't wait till it arrives. 2012 was a banner year for pictures, so much so that I will be doing a separate book of my son's photography (after I finish up my paying gig, spend every spare moment with The Girl before she returns back to college, and all the other fun stuff that I've ignored while sorting through thousands of pictures). 
so if I am MIA, please know that 

 I'll be back!
 (bet ya heard Arnold Schwarzenegger's voice there didn't ya? lol!)


  1. I like using unusual pieces as decorations around the house. I find them interesting. :)

  2. It looks great displayed like that in all its starshine glory-after all the stars in the sky are never put away either!

  3. I like that you've pulled it out to display it. It's got a great story behind it too.

  4. It does have a great story.... I did head Arnolds voice...LOL

  5. Good on your for keeping it and not tossing it. It looks perfectly lovely that way, and deserves to be seen. Kudos on getting your 2012 book done! I know how much time that takes. We'll be waiting for you when you return...

  6. I bet it just sparkles in the sun. What would it look like in a shadow box or propped on a picture display easel? Who did you use to publish your photo book? And was it the photos in your blog or others??

    1. Deanna - I have used Shutterfly for years and years and have been very happy with my photo books. I intend to even photograph some of the book and blog about it. It contains some pictures from the blog plus loads of others.

  7. Hey busy lady, that is a super cool star with a super cool story! I'm starting to get tempted by those photo books - can't wait to see what yours is like.

  8. This star definitely deserves a place at the table!

  9. It is beautiful! Hey maybe you could do something with it for the sparkle and shine challenge over at 2peas. I haven't found anything for that one yet.

  10. Glad you didn't throw it away - it's beautiful!