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Monday, January 14, 2013

macro Monday ...

the cool thing about macros is that you get to inspect and see things up close. 
the bad thing about macros is that you get to inspect and see things up close. 
things your eyes would rather not notices and have to convince your taste buds to ignore.
like, say the fuzzy thingies.
these berries could use a shave.


  1. Lol -- yep, some things are just best left alone. :)

  2. You post make me giggle, but your picture is stunning!
    My Macro lens is still on my wish list :(

  3. LOL yes I so agree with your thoughts about macros.

  4. Hehe, yes I love my little 40mm macro lens and examining all the things my eyes cannot see. I do find insects pretty fascinating through the lens. Love these shots!

  5. Oh it's beautiful. I need and want a Macro lens too. But first we are trying to upgrade me on my camera. I had no clue when I started shopping and a salesman completely ripped me off. I now have a Rebel XS and even when I shoot in raw format it cops images from within.

    I have a 400mm lens and my hubby can get a better close up of the moon than I can. I am so so glad my 400mm is an EF lens. Rebel's all have EFS lens'. So I have two of hose to replace also wen I go camera shopping.

    I would appreciate any suggestions if you have the time to drop over and suggest some cameras to look at. I am confused now with the new high pixel digitals that are out. I originally was going with Nikon and he talked me into the Rebel.

    Oh well, my problem now...great macro...the berries are beautiful!

    1. Jackie - It is clearly a Monday and I could not for the life of me figure where the message button was over on your blog - so I do hope you come back to visit. I am sorry you were mislead in your first camera purchase. If it is any consolation, I think everyone has a bit of 'live and learn' to photography. We've all made that purchase that left us scratching our heads later. I went with Nikon for no particular reason, but believe Canon is equally good. Go to to read about your potential upgrades when you get to that point. You can even compare two cameras where they will give you a side-by-side break down of what each has to offer. All that said, I am completely Canon merchandise stupid and could not tell you one from the other. One thing is true regardless of manufacturer - make sure you are using your current equipment to its fullest extent before upgrading - that way you know what you are missing and less likely to be mislead - you can be more specific when talking with someone when you say, "I want a camera that gives me better pictures with less grain in low light conditions" - so you know you need a camera with better ISO reviews. I also suggest a Field Guide for your particular camera to assist you in getting it off 'auto' and help you use 'manual' mode and learn what all it can do. When you are looking at lenses - the lower the f/stop number (like f/2.8) the better that lens will work in low light conditions. This is less relevant when you are looking at a lens you largely intend to use outdoors. Also, do not be afraid to look into off brand lenses - like Tamron, Sigma, etc. That can often afford you a lens until you have the money to put into a Canon or Nikon (which always run higher - better, but sometimes not enough to justify the cost). As for high pixel digitals - that is less important as how high it will let you go with ISO and speed. All digital cameras anymore are pretty impressive with their pixels.
      As for macros - I have gotten great macro shots with a 28-70 zoom - so a designated Macro is not always necessary to get that type of shot.
      I hope this helps.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Nice work, Nicki. These look delicious! I can just see some cream drizzling over them....

  7. Delicious! I don't mind the fuzzies because they taste so good!

  8. I like the fuzzies too because they are really like that... I love macro!!! My daddy bought me a macro and I have to shoot his slot cars for him and then I get to bring it home.. So hard not to shoot other things while its on my camera. today I shot one lady bug while waiting for him...:)

  9. giggle..I must not have good eyes, I never see the little hairs when I eat those delicious little red orbs of flavor!! great macros!!

  10. What incredible detail you captured!

  11. Great shots...the little hairs don't bother long as there is nothing that moves on it's own, I'm good.

  12. What a fabulous shot. A perfect macro shot...

  13. Really awesome macro of the raspberries!

  14. Too funny! Beautiful macro shots... my mouth is watering!

  15. Lmao!!! You said it!!! But these are fantastic!