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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tag ... you're it!

[no filter.  no texture.   just cropped and sharpened for the web.  sometimes nature rocks!]

Today was going to be wordless, but then I got blog tagged courtesy of Kaeley at myminds lens.  Rarely one to throw a wet blanket on a game I figured why not,  so here goes.  
[this would be where you grab a fresh hot cup of coffee/tea and prop up those tired doggies - long and boring cause I'm just not that exciting.]

 1. Where were you born: Harrisonburg, Virginia. Never actually lived in this city and only occasionally shopped there when growing-up.  Back in the day, women from my hometown had to travel through the woods and over some pretty rough mountains in order to give birth in a hospital.  That has long since changed, but just the thought of going into labor and jumping in the car and traveling for over an hour makes me regret not hugging my mom more.
2. Were you named after someone?   Nicki was a take on my mother's nickname, Nippie. My middle name was from the credits in a movie (or so I've been told).

 3. If you have children, how many.  I have 2; a soon to be 20 year old daughter, Allyson, and a 17 year old son, Ryan. I also have 3 furry babies: Binx who is 13 years old, Mary Jo who is just as old if not older (she refuses to be carded), and Ike, who will be celebrating his 5th birthday next month.

4. How many pets do I have? In addition to the 3 fur babies mentioned, I also feed "Cat" the black/white who showed up at the end of the summer and who I feed on a regular basis as well as put out bedding just in case my hunch that she belongs to a home down the street is not accurate. (she is way too cubby from just what I feed her, and when it got really cold she was absent for several days  so I'm thinking I'm right on this one).

5. What was my worst injury? Oh boy, where do I start. The absolute worst was probably not an injury but an illness that required emergency surgery, the end of more children, and treatment for several years afterwards. Injury per se, probably when I tipped over the motorcycle when I was young and suffered 3rd degree burns on the back of my leg. No, scratch that - it was when I nearly chopped off the back of my heel on a merry-go-round. Actually, skip that along with the time I ran a nail through my foot - it had to be when the neighbor's shinny new metal swing-set tipped over and crushed my nose and just about everything from the bottom lip up. Mind you - other than the whole emergency surgery thing, none of these were treated by anyone other than Dr. Mom.   Too much information, I know. Sorry!

6. Do I have any special talents? At one time I was capable of keeping one hand on the steering wheel, one eye on the road, and reach to the rear of the mini-van and separate quibbling kids.  I do believe that is what they call 'maternal flexibility'. I also have supersonic hearing of the canine variety and can hear a leak in the plumbing well before anyone in the universe. (or so I've been told by my husband)

7. What is your favorite thing to bake? Once upon a time, long long ago, before d.i.e.t healthy eating, there were brownies, cookies, cakes and pies. I was a baking machine. Now the highlight of our oven's existence is when I make some low-fat banana bread or muffins. 


 8. What is my favorite fast food? sushi. I'm hooked. I crave it. I cheat and sometimes have it a couple of times a week.  We don't do fast food drive-thru except a rare pizza treat.

9. Would I bungee jump? Seriously? hahahahaha! that would be nope, no way, no how. There was a time when I might consider repelling, but bungee..'ain't no rubberband strong enough for that!'

10. What is the first thing you notice about people? Their face. I'm gonna be honest - I start at the top and work my way down unless there is something that screams "OMG, no one should ever be seen in public wearing this" and my attention is immediately zeroed on to that fashion fax-paus. Otherwise, it is the eyes and smiles every time.

11. When was the last time I cried? Probably in the last month or two and most likely over being frustrated or something totally lame. I've been known to tear up over Animal Rescue commercials.

12. Any current worries? Gracious yes. I have 2 kids. I worry on a daily basis.  I often fret about things that worrying will neither eliminate nor help.  I've even been known to wake up at 3 am for the sole purpose of worrying.

13. Name 3 drinks you drink regularly. Coffee, water and Diet Coke.  My goal is to keep the diet coke down to no more than 12 oz. per day, limit coffee to 2 cups, and drink lots of water.  Some days I am brilliant and deserve an award certificate. Other days are more suitable for a dunce hat and stool in the corner.

14. What is your favorite book?  I don't have a favorite favorite. I loved the Harry Potter series,  enjoyed the vampire bunch, the Lemony Snicket series, and of course The Hunger Games.  Years before that, there was the whole C.S. Lewis series (The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, etc.).   Generally speaking, I love Amish related books, murder mysteries, and classics. More often than not, my favorite is what I just read.

15. Would you like to be a pirate?  Sure, why not. Pillage and plunger R us! Mind you, I'm not too optimistic about my longevity in this line of work as I get extreme motion sickness and would require at a minimum to wear sea-bands to avoid sea-sickness; hardly a ferocious look to go with the eye patch.  Might be a deal breaker.  Of course I do have my sharp tongue to fall back on.

16. What are your favorite smells?  Freshly baked bread.  A baby's head. Expensive cologne. Mowed grass. Movie theater popcorn. New car.  Minty fresh.   Outdoor grilling. Bubble gum and sugar cookies.


17. Why do you blog?  I like to hear myself think in print. I blog to keep in touch with extended family. I blog to put my photography out there. I blog to engage with others with similar interests. I blog for the interaction and inspiration. I am, therefore I blog!

18. What song do you want played at your funeral?  Well, this is a cheery question. My dad always said he wanted Bridge Over Trouble Water played at his funeral. And so it was done. I love that song and would like it at mine as well. My mom never specifically requested any particular tune, but in the process of picking music for her memorial my sister and I came across a tune by Mercy Me called Homesick. I'd like that one as well. And Silent Night - just because.

19. What is your least favorite thing about yourself?  My weight, followed closely by my propensity to sweat like a fiend. I hate how much my head sweats and how much it bothers my family. I sweat, they take notice, I whine about it, they mock me.  It is a vicious cycle and it is miserable.

20. What is your favorite hobby?  Well it sure isn't laundry or cleaning house, or weeding.
think, think, think  ... photography!
Yea, taking pictures is who I am and is what I do.

21. What do you look for in a friend?  Humor.

22. Name something you have done that you never thought you would do.  Nothing really, but I do have tickets for the Rose Bowl Parade in California for Jan. 1, 2014.  If all goes according to plan, that will be one off the bucket list. 

23. What are your favorite things to do?  Going to the gym. Sick, I know - but it feels so good even during the huffing and puffing. Going out to the movies and dinner is fun. I like taking rides - especially if I have my camera along. I love time with my husband and kids - even if we are ready to rip each others heads off, being together is a commodity that I don't take for granted.

24. Any pet peeves?  People who stand too close in line. Parents who think it is funny to let their small kids run amuck (especially during a movie). People who drive on my bumper. I have never been accused of driving too slow - so back off!

25. What is the last thing that made you laugh?  My daughter's text with an animated cartoon. She might be her father's mini-me, but the girl has my warped sense of humor.
 . . .
The deal here was to share some random facts about myself. check
Now I am to tag some other bloggers* and pass it on: 

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*  hope this is not an imposition, and I won't be offended if you can't join in.


  1. Guess I know what I'm blogging about tomorrow! Love getting to know you a bit more this way.

  2. Fun list, Nicki! I love your furbabies - they look so cuddly. Awesome photos as usual.

  3. Yes, nature rocks... great photo. Questions & Answers... nice to know you a little bit more, and love your Special Talent 'maternal flexibility' :)

  4. Well Nicki, you got me that's for sure......It was fun getting to know you and I love your "wicked" humor.......Isn't blogland fun?

  5. Really like the colors in that shot, Nicki. And.....LOVED learning more about you! Your sense of humor rocks.

  6. Well, this was way fun to read. I so enjoyed reading your story...made me giggle several, no many times. I invite you to coffee, but no way am I going to follow you to the gym. Nancy tagged me so I am about to reveal myself.

  7. I've only got about half way through but it is a fun read and well put together with photos and all. Hope to finish the rest when I get home.

  8. So many fun and cool facts about you! Thanks for the tag, I'll try to work some of these into a future post!

  9. So fun to read your answers and learn more about you, Nicki! The smell of a baby's head is. the. best :)

  10. I like these posts too! They are a great way to get to know a blogger better.

    My favorite thing to bake is bars. They are easier than cookies and I like creative layers of food.

    My favorite fast food is a Runza. It's a Nebraska thing.

    Fresh baked bread is a great smell! I make the majority of our bread.

    I hope all goes according to plan for your Rose Bowl Parade trip. Wow, how fun!

    We live way to far from town for going to the gym, but I do have a treadmill. After 7 years of use I completely wore out my first one. The Hubby teases me that I am going to die of nothing and be a lonely old lady because I will out live all my friends.

    Keep taking pictures, Nicki!

  11. Beautiful! Nature by far creates the best photography subjects.

  12. What a fun post!! Great getting to know you better!

  13. Love reading this post. You have a great sense of humor. I've gone back and read a few more posts and laughed so hard. I even read them to my hubby. I am now following. Thanks for visiting me. xoxo