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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

who is looking at who ...

we all know what has his attention . . . 

but it would appear he has someone's attention as well ... 

I have the utmost respect for those photographers who capture bird picture without a screen door or window between the camera and the bird. 
I must work on my ninja moves.


  1. What a great series! I haven't seen a blue jay in person in ages!

  2. I love this! I am just about to post a picture of a bird on my blog :)

  3. Nicki I haven't done any bird pictures this winter but I take the screen off my window nearest the bird feeder, let the vertical blinds hang as normal as possible and fit my camera through 2 of them (on a tripod), open the window wide enough to shoot thru, I hide behind the blinds then I can shoot without distracting them /scaring them so much. Can't do it too long or it cools off the house though :)

    1. Unfortunately taking the screens off our windows is a major pain, plus, most of my bird pictures are through the french doors and as soon as the screen door is opened, it is good by kitty.

    2. Impressive, Nicky, this shot through the screen! And I love the perspective of kitty pondering the possibilities. I'm hiding this picture from Doug, so he doesn't cry about how desolate it is for birds here right now.

      Thanks for the comment about my light painting. And I posted another type tonight, just for you :)

      PS I missed you, during my hiatus, but still checked out your posts through bloglovin' :)

  4. I love cat ears! Birds are such entertainment for cats. They are not all bird murderers.

  5. Great photos! They convey such a magical story.


  6. Through a screen door or not, that last shot is lovely! :)