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Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Quarterbacking ...

It is still winter here and should be so for at least a few more days, then we'll go back to muddy brown, but I'm not going to complain about all the drudgery associated with both muddy and brown because at least I can get out and walk in that mess - this icy white stuff is so yesterday's fun. Speaking of which - I did not find the Super Bowl entertaining (rooting for the other team cause I would really like to see Randy Moss get a ring).  Okay, the game itself was sufficiently entertaining, but I found Beyonce's 1/2 time show to be heavy on the bootylicious and wanting in terms of music (poor sound).  I'm not saying she can't sing, she can, it just wasn't presented well. And was I the only one who felt the commercials were only so-so this year.  I enjoy football, but for this game, the commercials really need to bring it. 
Well, there you have it - my delayed version of Monday (morning/evening) Quarterbacking.


  1. Pretty snow scene, makes me want to go for a walk through those trees.

  2. Gorgeous capture of the snow! I didn't watch any of the Super Bowl, but I could give you a Monday morning quarterbacking analysis of "Downton Abbey" :)