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Sunday, February 3, 2013

scavenger hunt Sunday ...

I missed last week for no other reason than lack of creativity. I went out with camera in hand and the list of words, took some pictures, came in, processed them, then immediately pitched them in the trash container.
Blah, Ugh, Bleh! 

 I didn't want to miss a week, not this early in the game
and to make matters worse, I was starting to fear it might repeat itself this week.
What . Is . The . Deal ??? 
Determined to get out of my funk I planned a photo outing with my son.
Mother Nature didn't get the memo.
So inside pictures it is.
(except for one)

. . .

This week's words are brought to you by Abra @ The Magical Miss. 


blinded by the snow you could barely see your hand in front of you, let alone the cart path.  
nicely hidden I'd say.


I was drawn to these angels by their plain and simple design. 


drew a blank on this one. 


"well this was fun" said no one in the room trying to get this picture. I had something in mind, this wasn't exactly it, but majority ruled and this is what you get. 


My go-to photo subject, Ike. when all else fails, he is always there for me.

. . .

I encourage you to visit Ashley Sisk's blog and check out some other truly inspired photos. 


  1. Hidden is amazing!! Great showing!

  2. Hidden, is indeed a special capture. Outstanding work displayed here. have a blessed day.

  3. love the hidden shot. so mysterious & beautiful!! ( :

  4. Hidden is indeed a great shot...and I always love seeing Ike, he does look truly at peace!!

  5. Right there with ya sistah in the blahs. So tough to push thru, isn't it. That said, from here it doesn't show. That snow shot with the high key effect is very well done. Left is super creative (I will copy that on my next blah day when I'm trying to figure out what the hell to shoot at 9:15 p.m. to complete my 365). My cat is often my go to, but the minute I get in position, she moves. I guess she loves me too much. Have a great weekend. Hope the weather man cooperates next week-for your sanity.

  6. Oh your left is fabulous and you picked just the right print/font to make it look strong and like a punch. What a great idea! Wonderful interpretations.


  7. Oh my! Hidden is breath taking. Fabulous shot! I too missed last week. I hate it when that happens, but it seems to be happening more frequently. Happy week to you.

  8. Great hunt with wonderful interpretations, your Hidden shot is fabulous.

  9. That snow shot is amazing - I love the composition! I have some of those "plain" angels, too - so simple but pretty.

  10. Another amazing week.. I just love all of these. Very creative with the Left photo.


  11. Those funks are the worse...but You done real good my friend.

  12. These are great! If you hadn't told us, I wouldn't have known you were feeling uninspired. So glad to have found your blog. Your comment on my post made me laugh...I had to check out the woman behind the blog. :)

  13. Great set. I liked them all. The Hidden shot looks so chilly.
    Loved the Peace shot and your Fast.

  14. These are wonderful! The first one is my favorite! I love to see it snow!

  15. Great set, Nicki. Hidden is beautiful and I love Left!

  16. Another great week! Nicki you rock the challenges! Really got to get back into it. I'm in a funk ;)

  17. You did good as my dad would say. I have had brain freeze in the last few weeks and could not get the pictures I wanted also. Thanks for your shots

  18. a great set, loved your images....hidden and plain are my favorites!!

  19. Great shots, Nicki - love what you did with Left!

  20. Aaa awesome shots my favorite is left .

  21. Love that wintry scene... as to throwing away shots, I'm the queen of trash... lol! But there for the hundred I toss there's a couple that are keepers...

  22. All are truly beautiful photographs, Well done.
    I love hidden and peace.