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Saturday, February 2, 2013

upstairs cat ...

Needless to say, my better judgement ruled yesterday and the only extent to which I ventured out was to the car and to the grocery store because we are supposed to get 'pounded' with snow today. The ice never went away from the sidewalk or driveway, but it eventually became passable beyond the golf course. 

So I give you yet another cat picture.
[Nikkor 105 mm, ISO 4000, 105 mm, f/4.5, ss 100; curves adjustment, rounded corner application and text]
Binx is the (clinically diagnosed, medically treated) neurotic feline who lives upstairs, drinks from the bathroom faucet, and is in a perpetual battle with all other cats that reside in this house. I go back and forth as to how I feel about this cat; mostly I feel sorry for her because of her mental illness and the inability to deal with what is going on around her. She does, however, find comfort in the company of the kids as they tend to hang out in their rooms upstairs when home and it is not uncommon to walk in to find her stretched out like the Queen of Sheba on the bed beside them as they piddle away on their computer/play video games/watch TV/text-skype-talk with friends.  When all else fails she even hangs with me when I'm upstairs,  but I am a last resort as she knows I have been seen in the company of one gray, long tailed, ornery as dickens fella known as Ike.  Ike doesn't quite understand her and is torn between 'just wanting to play' and 'bring it on B.TcH!'.  Sometimes he looks at her like "what ever!" and goes about his own business, and on occasion she responds with equal disinterest in being crazy.  As for her relationship with Mary Jo, I've concluded there is no hope of reconciliation; they share coloring but that is it.  The day Mary Jo stepped into our family, Binx vowed to be her mortal enemy and not a day has passed that they don't hold true to those sentiments. 

I felt guilty that when going back through 2012 pictures there was not one of Binx.  
Not 1!  
Crazy or not, I intent to document her presence this year so 2013 doesn't look like another tribute to Ike.  But then he is my side-kick, go-to kitty for pictures.  Such a ham! Wonder if he even knows that a ham is a pig - doubt he would even care, after all I constantly call him 'monkey' and whistle for him like a dog.  Now that I think about it, perhaps I might be responsible for the kitty mental illnesses in this house. ...


  1. I'm very glad you decided to start recording her presence.

    I just love this photo, everything about it. The black and white with the touch of green, the positioning with her looking down as if she is about to pounce, and the beautiful and beautifully captured whiskers. I wish I'd taken it, and now, I wish that I had a black and white cat but, given the five I already have, that isn't going to happen.''I do hope I will see more shots of Binx in the future.

  2. I feel the same way about some of our cats! My favorite kitty is also the meanest...

  3. Some cats are just more photogenic than others -- Binx is pretty. :)

  4. Binx is such a pretty kitty. If you hadn't said she has mental health problems, I never would have guessed. :)

  5. My son's family also has a neurotic kitty - she hides most of the time, but when I stayed overnight to help with the baby, she stalked me! The portrait of Binx is great!

  6. hmm, can't say that I have ever met a neurotic cat, but them I have always been a dog lover. Thanks for sharing Binx with us...eventho she may be neurotic she is really beautiful!!