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Friday, February 1, 2013

wintery mix ...

This is a photo my daughter sent me from college on a day when most kids around here were wearing shorts.  Only a couple of days later we are home on a 'snow day' - not just any snow, but thunderstorm-icy-snow. The kind where no one can go or do anything because to step outside is a test in gravity and balance and commonsense, and well, just about anything that is answered with - "no, no way, nope, nadda!

snow - cool! 
ice - ugh!

perhaps later I will forgo all logic and venture out to get some winter shots because I am tired of sneaking up on birds and the cats are starting to get camera-shy.


  1. Winter can be such a bag of contradictions! Looks like a nice place to go for a walk - reminds me of Narnia with the snow and the lamp post.

    1. Narnia - exactly how my daughter described it in her text. This is one of the walkways at Wellesley College in Wellesley, MA. (gorgeous in any season).

  2. I took a long walk out in the snow yesterday. You should definitely brave the weather!

  3. After way too long without seeing the sun, we are finally having a day with blue skies here in Mass. Of course, that means the temps are lower, but I'll take the sunshine any day. Be careful out in the ice and snow.

  4. I'm with you. I'd pick snow over ice anyday...snow at least gives you some traction but ice underfoot is an invitation to unintentional ballet moves.

  5. is not good. At this point here, though, we'd take anything wet falling from the sky. Very dry. Scary dry, in fact.

    Hope you're able to get out soon, before you have a pet revolt.

  6. that is exactly what we have here...just a little, teeny tiny bit of snow. I went out to take some pics but it is so friggin' cold 11 degrees with the wind chill making it feel like -5 that all I did was drive around and roll down the windows of the car to take a pic...what a whimp I am.

  7. Are you having thundersnow? When I was in Iowa over Christmas we had thundersnow, which is AWESOME! Going back out next week. It's below zero today, but supposed to warm up to neaerly 30 while I'm there. Heat wave!!

  8. LOL! It's a sad day when even the cat doesn't want to be photographed! That is a beautiful photo! Really, is how I would love winter to be all the time, the deep green of the pines, clear sidewalks and a light dusting of snow on the grass. With that awesome street light, this picture could have been taken two centuries ago! Beautiful!