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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

aha muffins! ...


Muffin mix is lumpy, non-photogenic, and pretty much unattractive.
(my sincerest apologies to the muffin man, but you know it is true.)


It barely warrants dipping your finger into for a sample. 
Brownie batter - yes. 
Cookie batter - yes! 
Even cake batter - err, I guess. 

But never muffin batter. 


I had hoped to venture over into a little food photography, but I always tend to remember taking pictures AFTER the stuff has been mixed and pretty much after it has been baked/cooked/or nuked. The reality of these pictures are that they are much the same as flowers. 
But at least it is not bird/cat/flower, and that is a positive step to climbing out of my rut.
Trying to take a page out of Deanna's book of looking at the positive.


  1. Giggling at your commentary, but salivating for those muffins....warm with butter melting. YUM! And no, they are not like flowers, I don't eat flowers, but I have no problem eating delicious muffins.

  2. Oh Nicki, I can always guarantee on you to make me laugh! Yes I actually do agree that my recipe does put yours to shame but oh well. The ones I made are actually pretty healthy so you could make them and eat them! Which you should totally do.

    P.S. I actually did try my wasn't very good so that proves your point!

  3. It looks delicious! I'm having coffee at the moment and your muffin certainly looks mouth-watering.
    I think that first shot is definitely ad worthy!

  4. Oh, that first photo is so scrumptious looking! You can't eat a flower. So these are different!

  5. Mmmmmmmmmmuffins :) Great shots!

  6. Mmmm muffins - I'll have one please, with a cup of tea. I've been trying to branch out from nature photography - into dishes and table settings - it is a stretch for me - but I'm trying. The muffins look terrific. I usually forget to photograph food until it is all gone.