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Thursday, April 25, 2013

they're back.....

Rurality Blog Hop #12

I'm joining up today with Madge and others over at Rurality Blog Hop 
so it seemed fitting to pull out some familiar friends.

I tell ya, the evil eye is so much more obvious when you take the time to set up the tripod.


. . .
and without a tripod 


a shot of a nesting Robin from the upstairs window. From my vantage point I could count several avenues of access by a kitty to this nest. I am hoping Kiki-Murray, Blondie, Cat, and Fuzzy-Grey (or any other passing by felines) don't do the same math. 


  1. Wonderful captures Nicki .... especially the top pic .... even with that evil eye he looks gorgeous.

  2. Wonderful bird shots - I hope the kitties don't figure out the nest access too.

  3. Those naughty kitties better not get up there! I just got some baby robin egg shots yesterday...

  4. LOL. That first one made me giggle. I hope the same thing about my barn cat every year...just behave yourself, kitty!

  5. So glad Mr. Stink Eye is back. That is a priceless shot! I am envious that your dogwoods are blooming. Still several weeks here for the wild ones in the woods, and a little longer for the hybrid types.

  6. Ha ha... love Mr. Stink Eye!! Very beautiful shots Nicki, such creamy bokeh!!!

  7. Great shots of the birds. The first one does have an evil eye. Mr. Downy is so cute as is Mrs. Robin on her nest.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your nice comment.

  8. Lovely little feathered friends! Your photos are just magical.

  9. Nice shots. I too view the visits of birds to my yard with a mixture of pleasure and apprehension. It's tough being a cat lover and a bird lover.

  10. Nicki - These are beautiful, especially the first one. Hopefully, the cats won't find out about Mrs Robin, who looks very cozy.

    Have a great weekend!