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Friday, April 26, 2013

well, that's just dandy ...

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 Floral Love

I know it only seems like yesterday I was bemoaning the never ending winter.
No, wait - actually I was pretty good with the cooler weather, it was the Holy-Sybil multiple personality temperatures that had me screaming whiplash.

Well, guess who came to dinner? 
Yes, that would be the dandelions.

My poor tulips waved the white flag and said
see ya next year!"

and in the blink of an eye the yard filled with these.

and our mail box filled with offers from lawn services eager to give our yard chemo therapy.


  1. So elegant! Wonderful macro shots!

  2. Marvelous Macro photos and beautiful texture work too. Amazing !

  3. Awesome macro shots of the dandelion, Nicki! The big fluffy heads are fun to photograph and you did a great job capturing their delicate beauty.

  4. Blow and make a wish! We used to love doing this after we caught a dandelion or 'fairies' as we called them! Your images have taken me back to my childhood, thankyou x

  5. My yard is full of them too. My daughters were running around blowing them all over last night. :) Beautiful captures!

  6. Is it bad that I like dandelions? And we barely ever even mow the lawn because that is the goats job. But whether you like them or not, you did get some awesome macros!

  7. Perfect perfect perfect! I can't wait to get the dandelions come up and "die" to try this. These are so great. I think I need to feature you on my tiny new FB page asap :)
    Much appreciation to you for sharing your beautiful work on Floral Love ♥

  8. Fabulous - the dandelions are rampant here this year - our yard is still waiting - we are a little behind.

  9. Amazing macros. I love these!!!! I love when I can get one of these shot a few times before my girls decide to pick them and blow every single one in the yard.

  10. Love that processing on the first shot, Nicki!

  11. Oh how amazing and sharp macros Nicki! We get dandelions around June - Love their round form!

  12. I've been out shooting the same things! I must admit, I look forward to dandelion season just so I can shoot the seed heads. I know...sick. Nice images!

  13. Gorgeous shots of the dandelions!

  14. Well, they are fun to photograph! ;)