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Friday, April 19, 2013

Floral Love, must be Friday ...

 Floral Love

For a change of pace, this week's flowers are brought to you from the front yard.

I was starting to worry that the cherry blossom tree and dogwood were going to Skip Spring with little to no sign of buds.


but after a good dose of 80 degree temperatures and an all-night rain

it is as if everything was just waiting for the green light

because this morning the trees were filled with leaves and blossoms


and the sky turned that frown upside down.

on the other hand,
it would appear that the freshly mowed front yard was also replenished
and the grass (err, clover) is once again in need of a fresh cut.

Ryan is rooting to keep the purple as a nice way to cheer up the neighborhood.
I think Mister Ryan has alternative motives,
(perhaps avoiding manual labor???).
Just a thought. 

. . .
 I hope nature has been as generous to you with pinks, purples, greens, whites, yellows ...



  1. So lovely it is with the blue flowers in the grass, cozy photo viewing.
    Have a great weekend :-)

  2. Great images there, I especially love that second one, like a pretty cup holding the raindrops :)...hope your knees weren't too muddy after those last ones, I've gotten so dirty taking ground level pics and the spring flowers are all very low aren't they?

  3. I like the first shot. The raindrops on the flowers are beautiful.

    Our clover flowers here are pink, not blue.

  4. Oh its so pretty! Our trees barely even have buds, but I can't wait until they look like this!

  5. LOVELY! Beautiful macros of the cherry blossoms and dogwood! My dogwood is white but I so wish I had a red one.
    I was thinking the same thing until yesterday and it seemed everything was popping out at once. It also seems to be leaving just as quickly.
    Love your wild violets! Were were laying down on the ground to get that robin? :)

  6. Wunderschöne Frühlingsbilder,....hier ist es noch kalt und grau!!!
    Liebe Grüße

  7. Beautiful shots. I love the water drops on the flower in the first one.

  8. We're still waiting for the trees to bud out around us. Yours are beautiful! But we do have quite a few daffodils blooming. Each thing will come in its own time. I am thinking about your daughter with all that is going on in Boston. It's frightening but I am sure she is far enough away to not be in too much of the chaos...or lack thereof when you consider that there is no one out right now. Weird stuff.

    1. Barb - thank you for keeping my daughter in mind. Wellesley - while outside of Boston, cancelled classes and the girls have stayed in their dorms all day. My husband and I commented to each other earlier about how since we sent her away to college she has survived an earthquake, 2 hurricanes, a blizzard and a terrorist attack. None of which even crossed our minds when fretting about her going away to school.

  9. Oh my ♥ your spring has arrived!!!! I'm so happy for you (and impatiently continue to wait mine...)
    Thank you so much for joining Floral Love Nicki!!!

  10. We haven't been quite as lucky and woke up this morning with a light frosting of white snow :p Glad to enjoy your spring flowers however.

  11. I'm with Ryan....keep the violets!! They don't bloom for long, and you can mow afterwards. LOVE the look of the lawn with them; I'm jealous.

  12. Stunning pics! I love your first one with the waterdrops. Lovely color. Have a good weekend ;D

  13. What beautiful spring pictures, Nicki! I am so glad you shared that you have flowers blooming in your yard. You have mowed your yard?

    The sun came out for a few minutes early this morn. Cloudy, windy and getting cooler. I am ready for spring!

  14. Lovely spring- and I agree - keep the flowers in the lawn.