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Saturday, April 20, 2013

here comes the sun (doo doo doo doo) ...

Here comes the sun, and I say 
It's all right

[Kim Klassen - Laura texture]


[Rural Journal - Jennifer texture] 

After being glued to the TV and Boston Police scanner (yea, all the way down here), I was much relieved after the capture of the 2nd suspect in the Boston bombing.  Whew!
My husband and I acknowledged to each other that since sending our daughter away to college she has survived an earthquake, 2 hurricanes, a blizzard, and a terrorist attack.   None of these even crossed our mind when agonizing the prospect of our little girl living so far away from home.  We obsessed over her getting homesick.  We fretted her getting lost in a big city, or missing a plane connection when traveling and getting stuck in an airport.  We were concerned how she would handle making friends, getting to those early morning classes, or having everything she needed to survive college.  Out of all the books and brochures we read about shipping your kid off to school - none of these events were even hinted and frankly I hope we have exhausted the list of hidden reasons to worry about your child moving away. 
(how did my parents survive shipping 4 out ???)


on a lighter note -
our experience in the Boston area is that there is a Dunkin' Donuts on every corner;
when one of the dispatchers giving directions to a unit mentioned turning at a Dunkin' Donuts - we could visualize someone stuck out there driving in circles.

I think "donuts all around" - job well done!


  1. I think America is making a collective big sigh of relief this morning. :)

  2. Oh I do agree with Nancy's is a definite relief for all. Your sunflowers really do depict the feelings that sun and spring are on it's way!!

  3. There were tons of pictures on twitter last night of people in Boston celebrating in the streets. It was very cool!

  4. Now that song is in my head - hope it works with my weather. Sunny flowers!

  5. DD really are on every corner!! Glad your DD is safe, glad your doing okay with her being up there and beautiful pictures. Oh..and now I have that song stuck in my head!

  6. They do love their Dunkin Donuts. do I :)

  7. The sun flowers are so fine, so fine, Nancy - beautiful colours,, composition and the textures!
    I feel your heart and concern for your daughter, in a while (within a few years) our boys are also flying from the nest ... That's how the life circle goes on ... Have a great weekend, Nina