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Sunday, April 21, 2013

scavenger hunt Sunday interrupted ...

This week's scavenger hunt has been interrupted;
in its place I bring to you a hodge-podge of pictures,
none of which remotely apply to the list of words proposed.
There will be no (clear cut):
Spring in black and white
family or faith
gathering or provide

unless  of course you have a most incredible and vivid imagination
or are extremely gullible.

Arguably this week I am either a delinquent or a rebel
either way - here's what I've got

happiness ???

Spring in black and white
in a box.
ta da!

these blue tipped flowers were given to me by my husband  -
who qualifies as FAMILY,
but only by marriage.
(oh, and today is his Birthday -should probably scratch that "only by marriage" remark!)

I'm a little FUZZY on how this picture could possibly apply to anything;
but there is a monkey and that's gotta count for something.

this character PROVIDED my daughter with hours of video game and cartoon happiness.
"Pika Pika Pikachu"
 (doesn't look too happy here does he?)

okay so I'm stretching it here a bit

would you believe
the dog ate my homework?

You can check out the real deal over at Ashley's blog
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  1. Those flowers are amazing! What a cool mural too

  2. Ha ha. I can enjoy a good rebel. Feeling like kindred spirits! Lovely photos!

  3. I so get it!
    These are ALL great takes on the prompts this week. Your sunflower could actually pass as "fuzzy" too!

  4. Haha...I like your sense of humor...nice pics

  5. Oh Nicki... I think I enjoy it more when you miss out on the prompts because I think that is when your super funny side comes out! I was sitting here reading this post out loud to my sister (one of them anyway) and we were both laughing the whole time. Especially the graffiti one was amusing. Also I do think that if I sat here looking at your pictures for a few minutes my imagination could come up with some reason to this madness (its not really madness, I'm being sarcastic). So, absolutely fantabulous set this week Nicki =)

  6. Personally, I like when people "stretch" on the prompts. It makes it so much more interesting :). Beautiful set!

  7. I love it, I thought I cheated on this meme. I'm like an altar boy compared to you.

  8. Great shots and they all represent just what you said!

  9. Hey...YOUR "happiness" is MY "fuzzy" :)

  10. This is my kind of stretching Nicki. Making it work. Love the fuzzy wall art and that first sunflower-definitely qualifies as happy.

  11. I like your whimsy Nicki!
    I'm not usually a fan of dyed flowers but these made a striking picture with the black background!
    Love that mural!
    A very Happy Birthday to you husband!

  12. Wonderful photos are gorgeous, my favorite is the first!

  13. I love your sense of humor; laughing all the way through reading your post.....
    The shots are awesome and I love the sunflower in the first picture.....I think I have said it before but you do keep us on our toes....

  14. well, this may not be the "line-up" list, but I sure enjoyed it. Love that graffiti wall, great colors and the added texture, outstanding. And those sweet blue-tipped flowers are beautiful!!

  15. I like your deconstructed scavenger hunt. There are many weeks I feel the same way. I stretched a couple this week too.

  16. I think they are perfect, Nicki - I love forcing the pictures I have taken over the week into the prompts.

  17. I came for the "Hunt" and found a giggle too, great job!

  18. Rebel or not these were fabulous. Gorgeous shot of the Sunflower, love the detail.
    That shot of the wall with the Monkey is perhaps my favorite this week. It's just so fun and charming.

  19. I loved the pictures and I loved the humor in the presentation of your delinquency. So kudos to you!

  20. I love your family photo!!! Beautifully done!

  21. One of the best scavenger hunts I've ever seen - it was such fun!!!!