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Thursday, May 2, 2013

do or do not, there is no try ...

how could I forget the Ike scavenger hunt series in April - 
so I guess yes,  yes I did photograph the little bugger my little buddy. 
Well, I'm glad I cleared that up. (aren't you?) 


Here is another image left over from April. 
I processed this to post several weeks back and figured it is do or die time
- post or trash. 

 I vote post. 

I am so over this photography rut !
I've decided to take a day and go out with my camera to get some pictures.
I'm sure it will include more flowers (there are some lilacs I am itching to photograph)
I'm sure it will probably include an animal or two (possibly of the feline or fowl variety)
I am sure it will include much of the same - but at least it won't be from around the house.



  1. I'm glad you posted it too! Ugh! I have been in a huge rut! myself. I know what your say'n. I have decided to shoot and post a photo a day for 30 days. Do you want to play??? The support will do me good and maybe help us both. If you do - I moved my blog to wordpress here's the link.

  2. So beautiful, I love it. Thank you for visiting pret-a-vivre Nicki and the tips about 'transitional sunglasses' and UV on cloudy days. I have added a link to the daily UV index broadcast :). Have a great time out with your camera!

  3. I adore the colour, my favourite. Gorgeous.

  4. Love it! So delicate and the perfect color.

  5. It's so pretty it would have been a shame not to post it...I can't wait to see the results of today's photography walk or ride....Have fun...

  6. I hear you loud and clear Nicki -- I was just getting outside and enjoying new sights when this storm hit. Good luck on your treasure hunt! xo

  7. This works for me. Love pink and brown together. Photog. Ruts are the worse. Sometimes intake it as a sign to just rest-no worries-find other creative outlets. It helps me recharge. Go get em tiger!!!