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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hello Clarisse ...


miss me?


Can you believe the only cat I photographed in April was a basket?
Well, I guess that and a candle holder.  Do these even qualify? 

No Ike 
No Mary Jo 
No Binx 
No Kikki-Murphy 
No Black/White 
No long haired Grey

NO IKE!!! 

 Speaking of which, Ike is sitting on the back of my chair reading over my shoulder.


and with that
off he goes ...


  1. sweet. sweet Clarisse (love that name too)

  2. Such a cutie....Simon says to tell her hi.....

  3. Ha I have missed seeing Ike and all of the other kitties but it seems every time I am looking at pictures with cats my awesome (but witchy) kitty seems to come out of nowhere and growl at the screen... And she is definitely not enjoying our little kittens that we have yet to get rid of!

  4. If I had a cat right now, he or she would probably dominate my blog. So I guess it is a blessing to some that I don't currently have a cat. Your Ike is so good looking! I would look at him and the others whenever they want to appear on your blog. Tell them all, "hey" from Massachusetts.

  5. I love her eyes.
    I missed your kitties - really! Now I need to take photos of mine....

    Have a great Wednesday!

  6. lol!! love the kitty...great movie...creepy saying from the movie!