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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturday night ...


 This has been one of those Saturdays where it seemed everything could or should have been accomplished. The reality came in a bit short. But with mid-70 degree temperatures, cool breeze, and sunshine - it was probably one of the truest Spring days we've had in a very long time and for that, I am content.  The 'to do' list can wait another day.


  1. I also procrastinated a bit due to good weather as well. Lovely photograph :)

  2. Lucky you having perfect weather :) We had some pretty good weather for our tournament today and I celebrated by getting my first sunburn of the year, always a good thing. This picture says true spring. I'm jealous that your trees are already full of blooms :)

  3. Instead of being invigorated by our beautiful weather today, I found I spent it just laying around. Cest la vie :)

  4. Taking time to enjoy spring seems like a good idea to me!