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Sunday, May 5, 2013

scavenger hunt Sunday | Cinco de Mayo ...

Yessiree Bob, I am on top of it this week.

** background **

I love the way the flowers fade into the background in this shot.
no added texture,  no creamy action
just letting that macro lens do it its thing.
[Nikkor 105mm]

** spotted or dots ** 

Who can resist photographing the dotted center of a daisy.

** weather **

The weather has taken its toll on this birdhouse. 


but if we're getting technical

- here is a sample of the beautiful sunny skies we've had lately.
(after what seemed like months and months and months of rain and snow)

** motion ** 


I ask you, is there anything more eye catching that the motion of our proud flag swaying in the breeze?
 (unless of course you are from another country, then I'm sure it would be your own flag instead)
- something so simple, yet so powerful and captivating.

** sweet ** 

last, but not least:
sweet Ike
(when he wants to be).
This is his "could you throw the dang ball already?"

more likely

"I want in the chair", er I mean "something in the other room needs your immediate attention"

He banks on my unwillingness to move a sleeping baby
- even when that baby is a cat and in my chair no less;
a spot where he magically falls fast asleep as soon as his head hits the cushion.
little stinker! 

Happy Cinco de Mayo!
[I don't celebrate it - I just like saying it.]


  1. Ooooh,, ahhhh....I need to get a macro. Totally in love with that first shot!

  2. OH these are wonderful. Love the first and last shots!!

  3. Love the bird house. The materials have certainly seen their share of weather. I don't think that there is any need to get too technical. Coloring outside the lines is perfectly acceptable. Well done.

  4. Motion is fantastic! The head tilt on the kitty is precious!

  5. Nicki, Looks like you had a lot of fun with this post. The flower pictures are stunning. My house is decorated Americana and I have a soft spot for flags and stars. Neat capture. The bird house and cat look like they have lots of character.

  6. Great shots, Nicki - love Motion!

  7. Love your dotted daisy - LOVE it!

  8. Oooohhh, nice motion shot. But "dotted" is my favorite. Great capture on that one.

  9. Love the daisy - all of them are great though.

  10. Ike! That shot is so cute, and I can definitely say I have a thing for naughty kitties :)

  11. The flag in the breeze is just beautiful. I love that picture!

  12. Great selections for this week's challenge. I love the flag and the cat, I miss having a cat!

  13. Your cat looks so much like my cat. Twins I say. Love daisies-so cheerful. Your macro serves you well. Glad you too have had blue skies-we (that's you and me) totally deserve them and many more.

  14. Your first shot is wonderful. Think I will need a macro lens in my future!

    Love the last shot of Ike. My cat will do the same thing...the moment he gets in my desk chair or my spot on the couch he immediately falls sound asleep. Like you I won't move a sleeping furbaby.

  15. Your background shot is dreamy.
    Loved the Flag and Ike is a sweetie. He looks a lot like Piglet only Piglet is a bit more silver.

  16. Love that 105mm Macro too...use it a lot!! And love your photos this week, all equally perfect!!

  17. You Are SO on top today Nicki. The macro is fabulous. Great post-as usual-live coming here.

  18. Your macro shot is lovely! I also enjoyed the daisy and weathered bird house. Great set this week!

  19. Wonderful shots, the 1st one is definitely my favourite!

  20. Such lovely photos. That kitty shot is my favorite. Hes so darn cute.


  21. Beautiful photos! That flower shot is extraordinary and I always like looking at Ike.

  22. Gorgeous. Your flowers always make me swoon!

  23. Love the flowers melting into the background and sweet Ike.

  24. Now! This is a really nice set. I love your dots. So cute!

  25. what a great set, i enjoyed every single one!! dots is my favorite but a VERY close second is weather!! i love that wood, it's so much better when it's weathered!!

    i usually get my words, head out with my camera and list and take my pictures. this week, i sat down with the pictures i had and tried to make them fit!!