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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

the price you pay ...


stepping beyond the security of your corner, you become vulnerable


you sacrifice modesty,
tempt narcissism,

 become acquainted with humility.


Taking risks, reaching high, exposing your dreams can be brutal. 
It can be demoralizing. 
It can be exhausting and disappointing. 

Doing none of that is worse.
much worse!

. . . 

I came across this leaf while assisting my son on a photo shoot a couple weeks ago.  I laid it aside and forgot about it until I found this model figurine in a basket and they seemed to be a natural fit.
Looking at it this morning I was struck by its symbolism of the core of so many of my pep-talks (or lectures - depending on your point of view) with my children recently.



  1. I see you are breaking out in new directions.
    I like the last one. The leaf feels rather like a shield in that one and yes, I agree exposing your dreams and your vision is downright scary.

  2. You are so right that the cost of not exposing your dreams is much too high, even though it takes courage and character to be vulnerable. Here's to affirmations for you, your kids and all those who get the lecture(I mean pep-talk) about taking risks for what is important to you.

  3. It didn't take you long to be inspired. :)
    Nicely done!!!!

  4. Ok seriously-you paired these two props with your words brilliantly. I've been wanting one of these little figures for forever-actually have gone into an art store-picked it up-set it down-walked out-empty handed-not sure why-now you've for me thinking again!! Love this post Nicki

  5. Can I just add-that first shot would rock on a card-it would be something I'd buy-just sayin!

  6. How cool... I don't have a little wooden guy or a lead so I couldn't very well do this, BUT you did it well ;)

  7. Wonderful creativity on this. Great post.

  8. Oh, I love these! My daughter has a wooden man that she has named Herkimer and he assists her often in her photographic endeavors. I love her pictures of Herkimer and have thought about getting an Herkimer of my own. Looking at these photos, I am one step closer...