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Monday, May 13, 2013

under repair ...

In case you missed the flat-lining of creativity with my scavenger hunt post yesterday, you can either take my word for it or scroll back. Trust me - the colorful flowers were a mere distraction of the demise.
 I have officially, legitimately, certifiably hit the wall with photographing flowers. cats. birds.

I am so over it all.

I don't want to hunt for cutesie kiddy stuff.
Five. Three. Cuddly, Snuggle.

 ~ ~ ~

As well as taking a step towards photographing something other than the same ole, same ole,
I am also going to give myself a little time-out from memes.
Like a one week break.
 So no global, no random, no urban, no flowers.

Hopefully I'll spring back with something creative. something inspired.

In the mean time, please forgive my absence from visiting other blogs
and bear with me if I'm not here as frequent this week.
 It's time for a little repair.


  1. I get that way at times. Enjoy your break from the same ole same ole.

  2. I agree - it is often hard to fit my photos to what someone else wants - I like to do different subjects and they don't always sync with what others are thinking. I'm pulling back a bit from the Memes too - just taking pictures of what comes my way - or what I pursue - and enjoying it much more. Enjoy your break - take some fresh pictures of what YOU want to take - have a nice little photo vacation if you like - but enjoy - it is the most important. This morning I was looking for a photo to "catch the light" and thought, darn, I didn't get one photo last week of catching light - but then I realized I got fabulous photos of wonderful flowers, some great dishes, crows hopping about and more flowers than I can count - and I enjoyed them all. No sense in making myself feel bad because I didn't get that one shot someone else was looking for - I enjoy what others do - but I must be true to myself with my photos.

  3. Oh I get it...I am only joining in when I have images that fit the meme. After all, what did we begin blogging for??? to fit into a category or grow as a photographer, writer, or just to have fun? Don't stay away too long, revitalize and return, I follow you with whatever you post.

  4. Enjoy your blogging break! I know I enjoyed my accidental 2 week long break :)

  5. Totally been there ,done that. Go forth and regroup! Personally, I'm having a hard time with Scavenger HUnt myself. It seems to have morphed into "kiddie prompts" all too frequently for my tastes. Might be giving up on that link up in the near future myself. Been wishing I could find a new creative link up...OR think up one myself. Neither of which has happend! haha.

  6. We've all ben there my best advise...try something different...take a class in art-or sewing or anything OTHER than photography. It does wonders. Taking a break is necessary and we ALL go through it. xoxo

  7. Enjoy your break! We all need time to just step away from things every now and then. It will all come back in good time.

  8. Good idea, re-charge, follow your heart, change things up and you'll spring back anew! :)

    Best wishes, Ruth (Tawny Moon Studio)

  9. Sometimes challenges propel us forward and sometimes they just turn what we love doing into a chore...when that happens , time to take a break. Right now I am loving flowers, after a long cold winter but I know, not long ago I kind of burnt out on cat pics, much as I may love the furry little creatures. Sometimes we need to step back and stop pushing for something we think we should be doing and let the creative forces regroup.

    I hope you'll still drop by to comment on others efforts though... who knows you might find inspiration there to boot yourself forward again.

  10. I think we all hit that wall at times and just have to step back and take a couple of deep breaths. Recharge and return!

  11. We all loss our mojo now and then.. Enjoy your break...

    I love your kitty photo.


  12. I am always inspired when I visit your blog, and love your flowers and cats :) but I understand where you are coming from. Wishing you an inspired week!

  13. No problem. I think they call this growth. xo

  14. We all need a little repair now and then. I've been away for just over two weeks and still not sure I'm ready to blog. :)
    Hope you find the inspiration you're looking for.
    I always enjoy whatever you photograph so I'll miss your posts.

  15. I can relate... been there many times! I always love whatever you post :)