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Friday, June 14, 2013

classy ...

 Floral Love

joining Mona and Co. for a little Floral Love.

The white tulips were absolutely beautiful right to the bitter end.
Their stems never drooped, their petals never faded.
They went out with class and panache.


  1. Tulips are one of my very favorites and you are right they go out with captured that beautifully!

  2. Love the second shot. For some reason I love tulips at that stage, where the center is on full view. This variety really held up well---no droopy petals!

  3. Holy cow the color contrast on that top photo just makes the whole photo pop. Gorgeous work my friend

  4. hmmnm pretty!! I love when the tulips are hanging on for that last hurrah!!

  5. So Beautiful my friend. Your photos here have me smiling..


  6. Another gorgeous for today...I just going through this week Floral Love submissions... Love yours among all the other – this is magic Nicki! You just happen to master the capturing of flowers! Love the black back drop in the first one!

  7. i love both of these pictures, you are right - classy to the end! love the lighting and the simplicity, perfect :)