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Saturday, June 15, 2013

oh snap! ...

still trying to get that elusive 'wow' shot of a hummingbird at the feeder.


  1. Cute Pic! I love seeing the hummingbird hovering in the air!

  2. Yep, I agree with JoAnn - looks pretty wow to me!
    I have a feeder almost exactly like this. I've seen hummers in the yard but not at the feeder yet. I'm still hoping for ANY shot.
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my scavenger hunt shots this week. :)

  3. It can be a lovely day spent trying....I know!

  4. I do love trying to catch photos of those little hummers.. I left my hummingbird feeder at our old house. Now I need to buy a new one.

    I think your shot looks pretty good to me.


  5. Hummers are hard! The other day a little guy hung around while I was weeding, going in and out of the COLUMBINE. Went to get my camera. Gone.