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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

IRL (in real life) . . .

A visit to the local park the other evening to scout out a few spots for an upcoming photo shoot
turned out to be very entertaining.

lots of people . . .

gorgeous fading sun . . .

and some wild life . . .



Not sure if this is all that was left of the black snake or just the part showing.
I didn't stick around to find out.


My partner in crime, Ryan -
the man with the 'know where' and the 'know how' on pictures in the park

He is away this week at Boys State camp, a camp for aspiring High School Seniors representing the 55 counties in West Virginia. Young men who have been selected because of  honor, leadership, creativity, and excellence. I'm not going to kid you, this wasn't on his top 10 list of "Things I want to do this summer".  And when you factor in the waking at the break of dawn, marching, uniforms, and sleeping in non-air-conditioned bunks with a group of strangers, I'm guessing it will be one of those things he shares with his kids when describing just how horrible his youth was.
I'm hoping it won't be as bad as the "I had to walk up hill both ways to school in snow up to my fanny" tales our parents used to tell us to illustrate that by comparison, we had it better.
In that vein, I guess all I've got for him is that we had to go to 4-H camp in a neighboring county with our school's arch-enemies and it was just horrible, terrible, unconscionably.
{or at least it was until about 2-3 days in and then it was the best time ever!
- but up to that moment, it was just awful.}

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  1. Beautiful place for a photo shoot -- and I bet that some day, this week will be remembered very fondly by your boy. Congratulations to him for all of his achievements.

  2. That railroad track is STUNNING!!!

  3. Loving that railroad track shot!!!
    Congrats to your son .... he should be proud of himself!

  4. I love the train tracks shot.. the first one, not so much the black snake one.. Eek!
    I am a lover of frogs, toads, turtles, fish, and worms. Bugs and spiders are just fine with me. But if I had seen a snake like that, I'd have startled and shrieked. :)
    I know they're harmless.. they just give me the creeps!
    Good for your son - hope it goes smoothly for him!

  5. I bet he ends up lovin' it just like you did after a few days. Such a nice looking young man and what an honor to be chosen to attend...eventho it was not on his list of things to do this summer.

  6. I love those beautiful colors, great photos!

  7. awesome shots...I dare say that the snake is under the rocks & planks. I wouldn't have stuck around either!

  8. What a nice park! I don't think I'd stick around to find out any more about the snake!

  9. Lots of wonderful photos here.. But that snake would have had me running the other way.. YIKES.. I once had to walk home in the snow.. Here in Vegas.. It was my Junior year and it never snows in Vegas. Well it did that year and the whole town closed down. So the school buses were unable to take us home. So yep I walked.. With no shoes on.. At least that is how I like to tell it. And I am pretty sure it was up hill. :)


  10. Awesome railroad shots!!! And your son will have a great time :)

  11. Looks like a great place to spend a summer evening! Love the track photo! You have a good looking son! Such an honor to be chosen - I'm sure he will have a great time! xo

  12. Oh, the things we subject our kids to... Usually we laugh about them these days now that they are in their (gasp) late twenties. The track photo is fab but I hope the snake in the snake photo is all there and just hiding. I wouldn't have checked to find out either.

  13. I love the railroad track! Great shot. The snake shot -- not my favorite :)!!!

  14. Oh, I hope he has a good time even if it is a rough week! Loving that train trestle!

  15. Ooh what a crazy glimpse of that snake! I wouldn't have hung around either!

  16. That looks like a super fun park. I love watching people at the park!

  17. Beautiful pictures all.

    Hope your son can find something to enjoy at camp!