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Sunday, June 9, 2013

no rest for the wicked ...


I was asked this week if I was ready to return to the work force;
to throw my name back into the mix to possibly be considered for a full time job.
I thought long and hard on this because it is my objective to do just that,
to return to employment outside of the home;
and I am aware that the time is closing in on me,

but ...

I had to reconcile that I have a kid heading to Japan at the end of the Summer for a year.  
No Thanksgiving Break. No Christmas/Winter Break. No Spring Break. No jumping in the car and driving there.  No "just drop it in the mail" if she needs it,

and it occurred to me

I have a Senior in high school.  
The point of college admission tests, college visits, applications and interviews. 
Plus all the last minute stuff it takes to get a kid through high school. 
oh, and the "grades, grades, grades" lectures still left to be given.  

I came to the conclusion that my job here isn't done yet.
As a mother I know it never really is,
but at this particular moment I would say I am in up to my elbows busy as
show coordinator, packing instructor, test prep enforcer, maintainer of focus, deliverer for all the "mom, I forgot ... could you bring it to me pleaseeee", keeper of the peace and occasional holder of glue that seems to hold it together (even if only with a hope and a prayer).
I am at the moment fully committed to this crazy wicked job called "mom".

but soon!


  1. If you can swing it financially, stay home! Nothing else you do will be as important as what you are doing now. Your kids do need you, even when they THINK they are all grown up! Wow! You have quite a year ahead of you!

  2. I sure understand the delimna you are in. I go back and forth with the same thing and so far I'm siding on the staying at home option too.

    How exciting your daughter is going to Japan.

  3. Oh yeah that college stuff takes up way more time than anyone would ever think! Beautiful flowers (tulips I guess?)!! And Japan! How exciting!

  4. ohhhhh Japan. I lived there for 6 years and loved every minute of it. And you are so right...the Sr. year is very busy with everything you mentioned. But I have to say, I'm really enjoying the slower pace now that Austin has graduated. I'm actually suppose to be sitting here blogging about it my words are all jumbled...Hang in there Nicki.

  5. "JAPAN" How exciting is that. Being a mom and working full time is one tough job. I did it for way to long.

    I LOVE your photos. Those tulips are gorgeous.


  6. Your photos are lovely Nicki!
    Japan - what a wonderful experience for your daughter. But, an exciting and apprehensive time for you both as well.
    I admire Mom's who work full time and do it all (my daughter is one of them). I never felt I could do justice to both at the same time. I understand your being pulled in both directions. Many don't have a choice. I'm glad I did.

  7. IMO ... you are making the right choice in holding off joining the workforce. If I could do it all over again ... I would have done things differently ....
    With that said, love those tulips! :-D

  8. I never regretted staying home when my kids were young...poor maybe, but happy and well-adjusted children who never got into major trouble. So stick around if you can, they will thank you for it later. Japan...ahh what a wonderful experience. Great photos too!!

  9. I am not a mom.. but I do stay at home. Until... MUST get a job next year though.

  10. Sounds like you have your work cut out for you right there at home! Spending time with loved ones is always worth the sacrifices - this time will never come again. Enjoy them while you can, once they are on their own you will have plenty of time. An exciting time for all of you, especially going to Japan! xo

  11. Oh, I know what you mean! I know that I am in no way ready to be back to the corporate world and work full-time. I quite like the fact that I can help out at the kids' school, be involved in their various activities, chaperon field trips, etc. ... and generally have the time to do all this.

  12. I hear you! I had a part time job part of the time while my kids were in high school, but I always thought it was better for me to be available to them at that point in their lives than when they were younger. The time goes by so fast anyhow.

  13. Nicki--I have learned that there is a season for everything, and if you have the choice, the best place you can be is with your kids. I thought it was important to be at home while they were small, little realizing how much more important it would be when they were teenagers and college-age. Even though you think that they are overlooking you, taking you for granted, and not acknowledging you, they know you are there and they need you there, even if they won't admit it. Time will come when they do. Kudos for you for making the decision to be where it matters most.