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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

what a difference a day makes ...

Remember that glorious evening at the park?
Fabulous sunflare, clear skies, cool breeze.
Well the next evening when I had my photo shoot with these sisters, there was no sun and in its place, thunder, menacing clouds and eventually, rain. 

We still managed to get some pictures that hopefully the girls will be able to use,  but I was starting to sweat bullets and not just because we were hustling to avoid getting caught in a down-pour, but because in place of the delightfully cool 70 degrees from the evening before, it was in the mid-80s and humid as all heck.   I would love to find a magic pill that would turn down my internal mid-life-temperature-crisis without the side effect of cancer. 


  1. Nice job considering the conditions especially. I'm sure they will be pleased.

  2. I'm sure they will be happy with the results to matter what :) So fun having 4 sisters! Makes me want to have a photoshoot with my tow sisters :)

  3. I actually think overcast skies produce better photos than full sun. Just sayin.' These are great btw. :)

  4. The photos came out lovely despite the gray skies! If you can find that remedy, let me know! xoxo

    1. Karen - my challenge was finding the light. Several of the locations I had picked from my earlier visit were simply too dark. Light - such a fickle thing! lol!

  5. I am sure the girls love these!!! Gorgeous girls!

  6. Oh I definitely think over-cast skies were in your favor rather than bright, bright sunshine which gives off such bad shadows. These pics are lovely and I am sure they will love them....I love that they each have their own style!!

  7. Lovely shots - and the flat light is much easier to shoot portraits in than bright sun. Ref internal temperature etc, I've been having acupuncture and using chinese herbs to help with my hormones - it's saved my sanity! (Plus after I've had an acupuncture session I feel as if I've been plugged into the mains and recharged!).