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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

black.white.wednesday | ganache ...

ganache, ghirardelli, gracious
I admire those who accomplish step-by-step food photography.  I am normally 2 steps past remembering that I wanted to take a picture of 'that'; and inevitably, when I  do have my shiz together, I can not (for the life of me) find the pastry tubes and tips to get the polished 'look' I had in mind.

I guess what ultimately matters is whether or not it tastes good, 
and the ganache filled cupcakes were apparently a hit.


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  1. Fancy, I'm just a Hersey guy! Tom The Backroads Traveller

  2. I love Ghirardelli - that's real chocolate. And I went to college within the scent of the Hershey factory - blech. I disagree with Tom. :) And this is a beautiful photo. I can relate to the whole step by step photography, you need lots of patience to do that.

  3. I hear you about food photography, I often forget steps too. - Oh & yum on the chocolate. I just used their baking chocolate to make brownies the other day.

  4. I bet they were yummy. You can never go wrong with Ghirardelli chocolate. I have the same problem with food photography...I just don't think it's my gift.....hahaha

  5. This is plenty good enough for me :)