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Thursday, September 3, 2015

little.things.thursday | cake and eat it too ...

I know it has been a week of cupcake this and cupcake that 
- but here is the backstory.

With the oven on the fritz, it had been a long time since I had made the annual chocolate goodie for Ryan's birthday. A few years back he was upset with me over something and remarked that his BFF's mom had made the "best chocolate cake he had EVER eaten." You have to appreciate the fact that I had baked this kid a chocolate cake for his birthday 
each and every year of his life 
so needless to say, this remark did not go over well even though I knew it was his version of a toddler storming off to their bedroom yelling over their shoulder 
"I don't love you!" 

So with the recent stove replacement it was just a question:
cake or cupcakes? 

Triple hitting chocolate was a given.

So I ask you:
"who is the mom with the best chocolate cake (or cupcake) now?"

With chocolate cake dominance restored, all is good in the world. 

[btw - I enjoy reminding him of this every chance I can.]

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  1. I love cupcakes for many reasons, but if there are leftovers they can be kept longer than the cake. Looks yummy!

  2. Cake or cupcakes? Can we have both would be the reply in my house


  3. That cupcake and a glass of milk would be the perfect snack before bedtime. I at least I hope I dream about it...less calories! You're a good mom!

  4. For Blessing's birthday at the end of last month, two of my friends made her brownies (on two different days), she had a coconut vanilla cake at home, and vanilla and chocolate cupcakes for her party since one of her friends is allergic to chocolate. And this week for the first day of school we went to DQ where she had a dilly bar. More treats the past two weeks than she normally has in a two week time period.

  5. Uh oh - majorly tasty treats tend to go straight to my hips. But you've caught some nice photos!!
    I hope you'll come link up at

  6. Ouch, he was going straight below the belt, huh? Glad you set him straight with those beauties!

  7. Goodness...they look wonderful. I would have never thought to use chocolate frosting on red velvet cake.

  8. Oh chocolate - I wish my mom had made any cake for me for my birthday!