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Monday, September 7, 2015

Good.Random.Fun | September ...

the GOOD ...

as in 'goodbye summer'.
Happy Labor Day. 
The point where we mentally switch off summer and flip the switch on to autumn. Seldom is mother nature compliant with adjusting the temperatures accordingly. 

 the RANDOM ...

case in point - first game of the season, 95 degrees (100+ degrees on the field).  
Had to recheck the score this next morning to make sure the last minute win wasn't merely heatstroke hallucinations. 
And then there was the random lady who just HAD to stand up at the end cycle of my panoramic.  Random folks sitting in the seats formerly occupied by our friends the last 20+ years until the infamous "reseat" debaco last year. 

 the FUN ...

"mom, I need some Halloween pictures for my class presentation." 
After the last OS (or whatever they are called) update on the big computer, I can't find a thing in iPhoto. 
(please Apple - STOP messing with my photo organization). 
But no problem - I filled in the gap with shots taken at the store while out the other evening. 
 Let the Fun begin!


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  1. That pano is awesome- including the photo-bomber! I am so ready for fall weather!!

  2. My daughter was looking at some fun Halloween things yesterday to make for the teacher recognition day this year, which happens on Oct. 31.

  3. You're right about the minute Labor Day is over, everyone is on to Fall big time. I am just looking forward to some cooler temps...

  4. Cool panoramic. I love the colors of the water with the ducks!

  5. Love that panoramic shot + I LOVE that lady that stood up!