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Saturday, September 5, 2015

take a picture ...

When time is in short supply, you photograph what is immediate and in this case it is the old camera equipment gifted to Ryan by a family friend.  The reality is that much of it he will never use, so I have repurposed it as shelf decoration in his room that was emptied when he moved to college.


I am (again) on a mission to either use it or be rid of it.
I know.  It is like listening to a broken record.
But this time ...

cute notebook 
not sure why I didn't buy this 
(well, there is that whole 'clean-sweep' thing!!)


  1. Wow - I love that old camera. Glad it's not part of the purge.

  2. I haven't mentioned it yet on my blog, but we are moving in a month. It feels good to clean out and purge things...I feel lighter and less burdened...well, until my time expires...around 9:30 for me too!

  3. oh they are beautiful, wonderful pieces......don't ever get rid of them, they look fabulous!!!!

  4. Looks at all those buttons and knobs on that camera but what a great piece.....

  5. All my vintage cameras and accessories are on display above our library shelves. I love looking at them, and occasionally taking them down for some photographing.