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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

song*ography | go BIG or go home ...

I'm thinking life's too short, it's passing by 
So if I'm gonna go at all 
Go big or go home 

 American Authors | Go Big Or Go Home

and what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas 
(except for matchboxes -- do they even still give out matches?) 


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  1. Good point! I was shocked at how much smoking there was on the streets in Chicago! More than last time I was there!

  2. For all their matchless friends.

  3. I have a huge matchbox collection but it is rare to find them now.

  4. There are times that I need a match, but I can never find one. Never been to Vegas, probably should at some time in my life.

  5. That's a cool cover. I remember when matches were the thing to collect from travels.

  6. I can remember collecting match boxes when traveling but you don't see so many any more....This is a good one you have saved....

  7. Haha... I was in Vegas during my August hiatus and ALMOST posted a photo from my trip as my Song-ography for this week too. Great minds and all :). Thanks so much for RE-joining at Song-ography after my August 'hiatus'.