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Saturday, December 12, 2015

been awhile ...

few things: 

1) remember playing with view-masters? I am shocked to find that they still sell them and can only imagine with every child having their own smart phone this might fall in the "so lame" toy category; 
but back in the day they sure were fun.

 2) In GEICO's latest commercial with Peter Pan: "if your Peter Pan you never age cause that's what you do" I am rooting for Phil to skip the high-five and punch him and for Joann to throw a little shade back when he gets lippy: "is that you Joann, you don't look a day older than 70". 

"Hello Peter, I see you are as obnoxious as ever".  

Like Phil,  I have found myself going "ugh" at the start of the commercial. 
 Point made GEICO, point made! 

 3) I am shamefully remiss about visiting other web sites lately - many of which have been akin to visiting an old friend, sharing stories, and a source of great inspiration to me. I will get back; life will find its new balance. In the interim, if you are on instagram, leave me your insta-address-name in the comment section and if I am not already following you, I will do so because I have found that I can squeeze in instagram visits during my commute consequently I am on it more regularly for the time being. 

 4) I have so much Christmas shopping to do I am considering grabbing all the 'stuff' laying around the house, wrapping it up and gifting it. 
(don't judge, it worked for the crazy aunt on Christmas Vacation and I'm pretty sure I qualify mentally). 


  1. I totally had one of those and used to go "this is a pointless toy!"
    Hope you're enjoying your holiday!!!

  2. LOL .... that commercial irritates the poop out of me :-D
    Seems like we've both been MIA in the blog world lately. I have got to get myself together.
    Maybe next year :-/
    Merry Christmas
    Instagram name = @augcott
    diane @ thoughts & shots

  3. I just started Christmas shopping today. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime. I have an electric plug in view master from great aunt, and some awesome old reels.

  4. That Geico commercial is just nuts..but's got us talking about it! Am I going out to buy their insurance? No way but Phil and Joanne really oughta put Peter in his place! I had a slinky...dumbest toy ever! Never could get it to walk down the stairs. ANd once it got tangled...forget it!!