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Monday, December 14, 2015

of mice and men ...

Mickey and Walt.

Having just returned from Disney World it occurred to me that I had not yet shared from my visit to DisneySea while in Tokyo.

With the kiddo living less than 30 minutes from Tokyo Disney there was never any question of whether or not we would go to Disney - only whether it would be DisneySea or Tokyo Disney.  We went with DisneySea.

All-in-all it had similar tones, but a very different experience than what I have had at Disney World or DisneyLand.  Sure the lines, the rides, the characters are all there in Disney fashion.  But I found the Disney fanaticism to be second to none, and the determination to get good seating/standing for parades and/or shows bordering on excessive. 
There was also an incredible fascination with Duffy (barely noticed here); we're talking on the level of Mickey.


As for our recent trip ...
 just to prove that when you think you have seen it all and experienced it all at Disney, 
they pull out something that makes you go awe. 

The Frozen take on Cinderella's Castle is probably one of my favorites;

the Osborne Family pulled out all the stops with their final light display;

Magic Kingdom fireworks never disappoint;

and hands down, Starbucks was my favorite ride,
plus, who doesn't like to have little Mickey heads dot the i(s) in your name.

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  1. How cool to go to a Disney park in another country! These pics are great!

  2. oh wonder-full!!! I do love disney! So so so glad we had one so close in Paris when my kids were little - it was our little piece of heaven/americana while living over seas! My daughter is heading back again in February!

    1. Adrienne - we are heading to Paris in April, but I don't think Disney is on the agenda. Bummers!

  3. We lived near Disney for about 20 years, I I sang there a couple of times with the Christmas choir there, so I know also the part that visitors don't see:)Yes, the frozen take on Cinderella Castle is beautiful!

  4. Where everyone can be a kid again.

  5. I like seeing Disney Japanese style! I haven't been to any of the Disneys in quite awhile.

  6. How great to experience Disney in a different land.

  7. I remember my VERY first visit to ANY Disneyland was Tokyo Disneyland, right after they opened... Back in the 80's. All the rides, voices and songs were in Japanese. Great shots Nicki

  8. love those dotted i's! and oh the crowds seem rather intimidating... beautiful night-time shots!

  9. I have a serious love/hate relationship with the Disney parks. Everything is so beautiful but I can't "do" those crowds anymore. The hubs is really bugging me to go and I am afraid to tell him I just don't love it. How can one not love Disney??!!

    Great night/light shots and I really love their fireworks show!!

  10. Loved these! How special to do Disney abroad. Love the little Mickey dots. That's a great touch!