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Monday, January 25, 2016

Good.brr.Random.brr.FUN | brr ...

the GOOD ...

the good thing about this whole Jonas bro-storm was that it was light and fluffy.
And we (fingers crossed until that last flake melts) maintained our electricity.
I can handle being snowed in provided I have electricity.

the RANDOM...

photo perspectives when committed to taking pictures from inside 
during a winter storm 
can be random (and fun). 

[the wall of snow that greeted me when I opened the garage door at one point 
- just begged for a floor shot] 

 the FUN ...

it was fun to see the Cardinal family. 
I took a few pictures (from inside) then yelled for them to fly way because it was just a matter of time until the herd of cats realized 
fresh chow. 


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  1. Now you all know what we felt like last winter - but times 3!!!

  2. We will hit 75 here in Texas today. So glad to stay warm.

  3. Love the happy Cardinal bird up against the snowy white.

  4. Love the dash of red against the snow. Enjoy it while it lasts. Snowing here in CO, too.

  5. Goodness, I hope you guys are able to dig out OK. I know WV got walloped. I admit to being jealous of all the snow - there's something fun about being hunkered down during a good storm.

  6. We are still snowed under as well but I don't think we got as much as you did. The cardinal shot is beautiful...I love the red against the white snow.

  7. Very fun! Stay warm, this year all of my pictures are from inside. And now I'm into squirrels, they have taken over the bird feeders!

  8. we are snow "twins"!!! we never lost power and had awesome snowstorm food, that is important!!

    it is warm today, and it is melting and forming beautiful icicles!!! i have enjoyed every part of this storm.....except the cost to us. isn't it a shame that $$$$ gets in the way!!!!

  9. Glad you made it through the storm successfully! You've made it look beautiful.

  10. I agree electricity during a snow storm is essential.