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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

song*ography | brights lights bigger city ...

I been livin' for the weekend, but no, not anymore 
'Cuz here comes that familiar feeling that friday's famous for 
Yeah, i'm lookin' for some action and it's out there somewhere 
You can feel the electricity all in the evenin' air 
And it may just be more of the same 

But sometimes 
you wanna go where everyone knows your name 
So i guess 
i'll have to wait 
and see 
But i'm just gonna 
let something brand new happen to me 
And it's alright, 
Bright lights 
in the big city 
It belongs to us tonight

Urban Lights / Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Bright Lights Bigger City | CeeLo Green

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  1. Wow -- that's a lot of lights! I like the angled shots of these. You must have had fun with this photoshoot!

  2. Beautiful! That is a crazy number of lights!

  3. What a fun song and photo pairing! Perfect!

  4. some great shots...I just flew through there, but missed the sights. Thanks

  5. That is a fantastic place for some unique photography shots! I love the ones your chose to capture. #songography

  6. awesome photography and a great song!!!

  7. Wow - love your light compositions.

  8. What a fabulous installation! A photographer's playground for sure! Thanks for sharing at Song-ography!

  9. Do you know I have NOT been to LACMA yet? It's on my list-I need to have those lights. You did a great job capturing them. Great song and photos Nicki

  10. What a cool thing and you took some great images


  11. Hoping to find out more about all those lights in the!!!