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Sunday, April 24, 2016

method or not, there is definitely madness ...

[Village character on way to Downton Abbey]

When you are drawing straws on what does and does not get done, entering a photo contest seems a bit optimistic, definitely frivolous, and slightly procrastinating.

[route to the Swiss Alps]

Here are a few images that didn't make the final cut 
- but ones I like none-the-less.

[alone again, naturally --- Venice transportation]

What has been unanimously confirmed from this trip is the need to get serious about weeding through pictures on a daily basis. As soon as I upload from the day, I need to tag what catches my attention and promptly delete the others. The "I'll come back to it" approach isn't working.

[city bridges in Europe are no small thing]

As for this poor blog, 
I have been sucked into the quick and easy avenue of Instagram like so many of my fellow bloggers. 
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