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Monday, April 25, 2016

song*ography | Downton Abbey ...

If you are a Downton Abbey fan, the mere sound of the opening notes to the theme song can immediately transport you to the time, the place, the drama.

Our visit to Downton, or more correctly, to Highclere Castle, would have been incomplete without first stopping at the town's village, more properly known as Bampton. And while titillating behind the scene facts and stories would have kept us entertained on our route to the castle, it would have never come close to transporting us to Downton in the way the music can.

We arrived, paid our 20 pence to use the facilities 
(ahem - the next time you forget all the wonderful that is American, picture yourself with a full bladder and not having the correct change ... just saying). 
 Anyway, we arrived and took a short walk that transported us back in time to that quintessential european village so often portrayed in period dramas.

Remember the church - the weddings, the funerals? 
 We didn't get to go inside because they were holding church services because when it is all said and done, this is a real village with real people.

But what was the cherry on top of my estrogen driven time travel adventure that morning was this local citizen who upon passing us with her spunky little dogs, mumbled under her breath "I don't get what all the fuss is about." 
Exactly something my grandmother would have said. 
Now talk about being transported back in time.

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  1. How amazing to get to see where it all was filmed!!

  2. I always make sure I have change in my pocket when we travel!!
    What a great place to visit.

  3. I've enjoyed your trip immensely, especially because I just came off my Italy high. I loved playing the video while reading your post. If the Brits only knew how much their country and way of life moves us!!

  4. What fun to visit this beautiful place!

  5. oh sadly for me i'm sure, "i don't know what all the fuss is about" either. though, i did enjoy your images....but truth be told, the last 2 were my favorites (sorry)!!!!

  6. Oh that music! Reminds me of how very much I miss Downton Abbey! I HATE that it is over :( Would soooo love to visit this village. Thanks for giving me a glimpse AND for linking up to Song-ography.

  7. Fabulous images and what a great place to get to visit


  8. Seeing modern cars on the street is very strange.