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Thursday, June 16, 2016

insta share ...

I have been on a Paris instagram kick and could easily post an image from that leg of our trip for the rest of the year. But what about the brief stop in Switzerland, what about those gorgeous mountains and alpine villages? Growing up surrounded by mountains, I am not easily in awe of them
(motion.sick.ness - every.time - ugh!). 
 But the Swiss Alps - 
now those are mountains.
 (and sadly, yes it came with motion sickness - tots UGH!)

part of my pictures from this day came from me sitting with my eyes closed
only to pick up the camera and blindly snap a picture in response to my husband's
"ohhh, look at that!"


  1. Wow!! Look at that stunning sight!

  2. I so get the motion sickness issue, but still what a great trip.

  3. Oh I am sorry about the motion sickness, I had that feeling in Hawaii when we went to Haleakala, all those windy swisty roads. But what an adventure you had!!

  4. you give your hubby my kudos for his 'Oh, look at that's

  5. so very beautiful!! motion sickness is terrible, how sad!!!

  6. Lol! Too funny: A photographer that has to close her eyes to take pictures! You poor thing!