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Sunday, June 26, 2016

what a week ...

At some point there was the 'blood moon' or 'red moon' or whatever it was called. A big-a$$ moon that like all previous big-a$$ moons was clear and visible just about anywhere other than here. But I tried.

And then it was a wild week of weather than went from bad to horrific. We suffered two basement floods at work which made life challenging. But all that got put into perspective on Thursday when torrential downpours devastated Southern West Virginia and outlying areas of Charleston where I work.

So far 24 people have lost their lives to this freak act of nature that has been categorized as a 1 in 1,000 year flood. Countless others lost everything but ... their home, their livelihood, their neighbors and hometown. I appreciate the gut-wrenching emotion as my hometown was devastated by flooding in 1985. Roads that had been there forever, gone. Homes picked up and moved downstream, even the direction of the river changed forever. Businesses in a small town that could never recover to come back, and the beginning of the end of a small town that had been a vibrant hub for the region, now a shadow of its old self. I know that some of the larger towns affected this week will come back. The beautiful and majestic Greenbrier will come back. But in one afternoon/evening, many lives were changed that will never come back. Lost lives, families, homes, businesses - so many in a region of the state that was already economically challenged. 
If you are inclined to donate go to the below link:

#staystrongWV #prayersforWV


  1. I saw the news and thought of you! Hope your community comes together and pulls through.

  2. So glad u r safe! You've been in my thoughts and prayers when I see the scenes on tv.

  3. So devasting to watch on television. And then the opposite end of the spectrum in California. So awful!

  4. Yes, it is horrific when floods, tornadoes, hurricanes ruin the lives and businesses of so many people. Thank you for updating us on your status, always worries me when I hear about places being ravaged for those I like to call "friend".

  5. I sat in my hotel lobby every morning drinking coffee and watching the weather channel's footage of the flooding is WV. I sat in disbelief at the devastation. I hope your state finds relief and glad you are ok.