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Friday, August 26, 2016

good times ...

Getting to see Adele at the O2 was the cherry on top of a wonderful trip to London. We enjoyed the show so much that my husband has been stalking her concert tour, looking, pricing, and hoping I will give in and concede to fork up money that should otherwise be allocated to work around the house, things that have patiently bid their time on the back burner, but their day has come.

To be honest, we seldom go to a concert, only recently going to scheduled performances during the Greenbrier Classic golf tournaments.  Before that, aside from a few token shows that included the Eagles, Elton John and some Irish dancers, it was mostly the likes of Barney, (yea, the purple one)
Adele was amazing, engaging and genuinely talented.  
Mind you, Barney was a huge favorite back in the day, but no comparison. 

PS - my pictures from this event were cellphone because we were confident they would not allow DSLR cameras, even with a prime lens and we forgot to double check before leaving the hotel. We were wrong. There weren't many with non-cellphone cameras, but a few. But I have discovered over this last year how liberating it can be to give yourself permission to leave the 'big' camera at home and be content with what you get with your cellphone.


  1. That is SO cool you saw Adele!!!

  2. i love adele, her music and lyrics are so real and deep!!! we rarely go to concerts anymore, but we went to a lot when we were youngin's!!!!!

  3. Sometimes you can enjoy things more without the big camera. Adele...yes definitely that would be a dream come through.

  4. Just love that shot and I bet she gives an amazing concert.