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Sunday, August 28, 2016

seashells by the seashore ...

Every now and again there is a post on Pinterest that catches my eye. More correctly, every now and again, there is an email from Pinterest titled "some pins we think might interest you" and they are correct. Full disclosure, I can't remember the last time I meandered through Pinterest without a specific purpose. 
 Headshots ... check. 
Senior pictures .... check. 
Seashells .... uh, nope.

Usually one of my swipe and delete emails, but this time something caught my eye 
---- seashells.
I've got a collection of those just sitting around the house; hummm!

Painted seashells. 
There was an image with ornate paintings 
- paisley-isk and circular dot designs and the what-not 
- all quite stunning, 
but unquestionably more time consuming than the meager minutes I have to allocate to dilly dalling.
 But the metallic silver shells - yea, I can do that.  
 I figured in between all the spray paint do-overs on furniture going into our son's first apartment I could manage a quick shell do-over.

Fun, quick, easy. 
Next on the list- time to actually do one of those Tasty video recipes that make everything look so darn easy and quick, and damn near effortless. Terms that describe just about anything I do anymore beyond the essentials.


  1. I know exactly what you mean about pinterest, get one daily if not more. More than not it is a delete swipe like you. But yeah, I gotta admit that occassionly one will pop up that interests me, like spray painted pumpkins from the $ store that look like mercury glass. And that has what you have achieved with your shells, nature gives, we embellish. Let me know about those recipes.

  2. I love seashells and the many colours they contain, but these are good and different.
    Third photo is my favourite!

    All the best Jan

  3. Love the patterns and textures - elegant.

  4. I almost always go on with a specific purpose too. Lovely shells.

  5. I love those e-mails from's like they do all the work for me. I just have to push a button and i'm wicked away without using time I don't really have searching!! These are very cool Nicki.