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Monday, August 22, 2016

olympics - in the books ...

As a young girl, the Olympics were a big deal. We only got 3 channels so when one of them put their primarily focus on the events you couldn't help but get swept up in the excitement. And then there was the ever brewing animosity with the Soviet Union, so if we beat noone but them it was as good as gold and we all walked around with our chests puffed out with national pride. I'd like to say that I enjoyed the Olympics more before the introduction of professional athletes, but the reality is they were always there, just not from every country. And now there is the ever present issue of with doping (again, probably always there on some level, just now more identifiable).  

 Personally I got frustrated (again) with NBC's coverage and their compulsion to make it a social party. I don't begrudge Ryan Seacrest his efforts to make things hip and current, but he brought nothing to the coverage and time spent segueing to the beach for nonsense could have been redirected to the competitions. And those events that wasn't 'live', (ahem, gymnastics) - did we really have to wait until after 10 pm to see what had already happened HOURS earlier.  Editing, its called 'editing' NBC - look into it. :)

But if I were to pinpoint the biggest drawback to my following the Olympics this time around it would have to be the commercials. 
Lawd have mercy! 
There must be a limit on how many commercials are medically safely be administered to an audience before resulting in (mental) health issues.

As for the photos - my mom got a wild hair and decided that she and friend were going to travel to Spain some 25 years ago. She brought me back a coin, a bracelet, and a letter opener. The bracelet gets little wear because it is delicate and I am not. The letter opener has over the years served its original purpose (but has been known to serve as a can tap opener on occasion).  The coin, well it got placed on a necklace years ago and worn frequently, but it now mostly sits in the jewelry drawer. 
 Still, a cool keepsake and the closest I have gotten to an Olympics.
Maybe an Olympics should go on my bucket list.  
2020 - Tokyo, Japan.  
And I just happen to know someone who knows her way around that neck of the woods. (wink, wink!)

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  1. I agree about the coverage lately...but oh I love the games!! You should SO go in 2020!!