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Saturday, August 20, 2016

dilemma ...

do I stay or do I go 

 When it comes to blogging, reality has beared witness to my inadequacies in maintaining a regular presence since returning to work full time. By and large this blog has served its purpose of giving me conversation outside of child care. It provided an outlet for creativity and encouraged me to push further with my desire to advance my photography as well as find a voice for my thoughts. 
The win-win of it all has been the amazing people I have met along the way.
But as it now stands, I simply don't have the fuel to blog with any regularity. 
A circumstance I no longer feel guilty about, 
but the shortage of time to visit with others has left me feeling empty.  
Adding to my delinquency has been Instagram. Quick, easy, less effort. 
The fix to my urge to share.

[one of my birthday flowers - one of the few non-cell phone pictures lately]

This is not a Dear John letter (though I have started one a time or two).  No, this is merely an acknowledgement of the fact that I need to explore a different strategy to be present here as well as on Instagram (and complete all those household chores that do not diminish regardless of schedule).
It is also my reminder to myself that I need to find camera time - me time. 

[one of the feral herd  - quick photo through the dirty window - but still, a non-cell phone picture]


  1. I do miss you here, but life goes on. I love your IGs!!

  2. I think creative/camera time should be your most important search. If you have that you will have what else you need for whatever creative outlet you choose. If I worked full-time I know I wouldn't have time for everything. You must find what works best to fulfill you. Heck, I don't work at all and I am having a hard time finding direction the last few weeks. But I love my blog and have temporarily (possibly permanently) disabled my Instagram. It doesn't bring me joy at the moment.

    1. Sarah, You are right - I think of late, the brevity of IM has fit the bill, plus the redundance of travel pictures has found a niche versus sitting on my hard drive waiting for the light of day because I don't want to bore readers. I've never been much of a 'post just a picture' style of blogger and generally talk about what is going on in my life and I am cautious to avoid letting anything work related slip in. So it is a high-wire walk until I find my balance.

  3. Seems to be an epidemic condition amongst my blogging buds....and one that I share too. Whether on Instagram, or here...I look forward to following along ❤️

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  5. Hi Nicki, Remember me? From POTD and MyPixelatedOasis. I very much appreciated your blog when I was active in blogging. I've always really liked your perspective, in life and in art.I'm debating about returning to this long-dormant blog, now that I'm retired, have moved, mostly finished the process of house-training a new puppy, and in the process of getting new eyeballs (cataract surgery). I'm excited about doing photography again, as long as I don't try to go back and color correct all my old photos now that I can see them!

    You have to do what makes the most sense for you, nourishes you. It's such a challenge sorting out priorities with that rare commodity, time. But please, don't delete your blog! I'm hoping to go back and read some of your old posts, now that soon I'll be able to more easily! I'll try to find you on instagram, too.

    1. Angela - yes - oh my yes, I remember you. Your blog was among some that really pushed me over the hurdle to start blogging to begin with. I hope you do find yourself able to get back into photography and blogging. Thank you for visiting.

  6. I can totally relate Nicki! My blog has been severely neglected.... things go in waves. I was really into Scrapbooking, then Photography and blogging about both things, back when the only social platforms were message boards and blogs. Things are so much easier to share via IG and the camera phone quality / capability makes it so easy.
    I love seeing Angela's post above, the connections and relationships we've made over the years are the fruits of our efforts. I'll make sure to connect with you on IG, whatever you decide.

  7. I've wanted to write Dear John letters too...but I'd miss it like an old friend so I stopped apologizing...apparently a blogging no-no that I wasn't aware of until recently. You just do what you need to do. The faithful will follow! xo