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Friday, February 20, 2009

Binx Update * * *

Binx is home, but not until after I threw a conniption fit about the care she received and the complete and utter lack of communication and information from the hospital. They didn't even provide me with information about when to remove the bandage, what to watch for (with her rear - delicate topic), and what kind of diet she should be on in her condition. That said, she does appear to be feeling somewhat better - and we are happy she is home.


  1. Glad Binx is home. Sorry about the service. TFS!

  2. So glad Binx is home where you can give her "mommy" love.. I am sure she will be back to herself in no time

  3. glad she is home, and hopefully you can find out how to care for her.

  4. OH, thank goodness she is home safely! That sucks that you didn't get better communication from her caregivers. :(

  5. Your poor kitty, I'm glad she's home getting better! She sure is pretty!