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Friday, February 20, 2009

Cat Days of Winter * * *

[Vent Warning]
This has been a very trying week. Binx, our 9 year old b/w, has gotten progressively sicker over the past couple of weeks, so it was time to take her to the Vet. I struggled with which animal hospital - and finally decided to take her back to where she had been previously treated, received shots and neutered. WRONG CHOICE! The Good Lord willing, I will bring her home today and I suspect, take her to the other hospital next week unless there is a vast improvement over the weekend. Their diagnosis has contradicted her symptoms and their contact policy SUCKS. Despite the assurance of 'we'll call and keep you updated' - they have not called me once regarding her condition, response to treatment, or when she will be released. I have had to initiate each and every call (even when they are unable to talk to me and will call me back - NOT!).....VENT VENT VENT

... And then there is the other two - Mary Jo and Ike[med]....."hey, human looks stressed, LETS FIGHT!"... kids/cats - what ever!!!

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