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Saturday, March 28, 2009

25 Things M/A: Retro, Shape -.-.-.

If you were around in the 70s (and a young child) - you had to have one of these radios. They were 'the bomb!' so to speak. Cool, rad, out-a-sight! [okay, going to stop now; making myself nauseous!!] The concept was that they would wrap around your wrist and you could lug (I mean take) them with you. Notice - AM only! I showed this to the kids and I believe their response was: "you've got to be kidding!!!" I still think its cool looking.

For shape - I thought the Apple Store in NYC fit the bill. This place was so neat, and I love how they have the 'genesis squad'. Didn't get a chance to discuss my iPhone issue with any of the 'genesis' folk while in the store; but did later over the phone. Ultimately had to resolve it with the AT&T "geek" guy. [Long story short, my husband went to the less kid staffed store, sought out the geekiest guy and fixed a problem with my phone that the Apple people and other AT&T people were completely baffled with.] That would be 1 for the Geeks and 0 for the Genesis. Goes to show, they are not one and the same.


  1. OH wow...what a terrific radio, I totally want one now.

  2. Geek power! I left a comment in the gallery, but I remember those the shape of them. How could your kids think they are uncool? I remember the size of the early transistor radios...speaking of lugging something.

  3. How did I miss out on those radios? (Must have been too old. .. graduated from HS in '71), but I remember saving up all summer for an am radio! I love your writing style! Nikki, what do you think of your 70-300mm lens? I'm debating on that vs a fisheye.

  4. I don't remember that radio (born in '75) but it is very cool! My kids would have no idea what it was:)