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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Planes, Trains & Automobiles .*.*.

A shot of the WV Capitol while traveling through Charleston.

The kids were entertained by the performers in the subways.

After a whole lotta walking, the taxicabs & buggies-very tempting.

During our trip to NYC recently, I took no less than a gazillion pictures. For the first time in forever, my daughter didn't complain about me having the camera out; however, due to the hurried nature of our trip; most shots were what I would call 'drive-by-shootings'. Consequently, I would say I only actually got a few hundred photos that I am okay with.

This collection of pictures were of the various modes of transportation, which is appropriate since it seemed like we were constantly on the go. We traveled to NY by Amtrak (15+ hours of train whistle, extreme shaking [between Charlottesville, VA and Washington, DC], and persistent rattling). Honestly, the trip wasn't so bad once I put on my sea-bands and hooked up my ipod.

While in NY, we relied heavily on the subways, but I was taken with the vast number of cabs and cars. Why would anyone in their right mind drive in that mess? Despite the stereotyped image of NY cabs from TV; they appeared to be in pretty good condition (at least on the exterior). During the course of our visit, we also rode the Staten Island Ferry to view the Statute of Liberty and visited Grand Central Station. So while there was no use of planes, we certainly got around. I included in this collection the shot of my daughter's feet (via iPhone) - since we walked, walked and walked some more. Amazingly my feet didn't swell, nor did my back ache; but it did eventually catch up with me the week following the trip. The kids got a chuckle out of the mini bus with the smiley face; so of course, I photographed it. [there is an adage about taking the slow bus when we don't catch on to something obvious - to which I often add "short and slow, but happy"].


  1. How fun to go to NY!! Love your train shots!

  2. These shots tell a great story.

  3. Looks like a lot of fun! My sis lives in NYC and I love to visit there, so many photo opportunities. :) My favorite are the sixth and last shots, great POV's. My dd is Allyson too, spelled the same way!

  4. Great shots from your trip. The view from a train is always so interesting. And of course, there's so much to photograph in NY. I love the picture of the feet - very appropriate!

  5. I love how you put all these various forms of transportation together in one post. You saw some really interesting things in your "transporting" shots!