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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

NYC Saga /Day 1. . .

The kids hit the pavement running - every day was busy busy busy from morning until night. And us senior members trudged right along beside them. They first went to Columbia University for classes offered to high school students in journalism and yearbook. I had high hopes of wandering around taking photos while they were in their classes - but, alas, it rained. ALL.DAY.LONG. Following Columbia Univ., we went directly to Chinatown. I had envisioned Asian restaurants (which I'm sure are strategically located off the beaten path - but based on what we witnessed some of the vendors eating - I'll pass!), Asian decor shops, and more of a cultural experience. Well, it was a cultural experience - much like the flea market is a cultural experience. That aside, the kids got to exercise their negotiation skills and collect fun stuff. And, rain or no rain, I still got a couple of photos.


  1. Can't wait to see more, Nicki. NYC is so diverse, and such a high-energy place with so much to see. Thanks for the birthday wish!!

  2. Ooh fun. I'm headed to NYC in late April so I look forward to seeing what you captured.

  3. Fun captures. I think part of the fun is the bargaining that goes on in Chinatown. Looking forward to more pictures from your trip.