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Thursday, April 2, 2009

NYC Saga: Broadway Shows . . .

We had the good fortune to be able to take in 2 Broadway shows while in NYC; WICKED and Phantom of the Opera. I've read each of the books in the WICKED series (still working on the last one) - so I was pretty excited to see the show. It did not disappoint. I absolutely fell in love with the performance, the music, everything about it. I took a few photos before the show started and was going to get one following the show; but then the performers remained on stage to solicit donations for the Actor's AIDS fund - so, I took one without flash (and officially, it wasn't during the no harm, no foul - right?!)

Phantom of the Opera was also excellent. Our seating was not as good for this show as it was an extra activity squeeze into the agenda late in the planning process. Nonetheless, the music for that show is so classic and excellent in and of itself and the performers so very very good, you were sucked into the story and totally forgot about seating as soon as the show started. [well, except for the tight knee room - but that was due to the particular Theater it was in] The children were spell bound by both shows (adults too!).


  1. Oh, lucky you to see those on Broadway! Your photos made me want to see them all over again. I love both of them, but "Wicked" is a special delight!

  2. I agree with Pat. Lucky you. Although I did see Phantom of the Opera in Toronto back in the 90's. Great photos. TFS!

  3. Sweet! I was JUST there too at Wicked! I didn't even bother taking my camera, but your shots are AWESOME!

  4. Oh WOW...amazing. These shots are so great, and its hard to get low light shots sometimes...holy moly.

  5. You're a sneaky thing, aren't you? ;)Nice shots!

  6. I'm so jealous! :) Amazing shots!